Another great match was that between Ian Bradburn (Lancs) and Chris Harland (Surrey), which went the way of Bradburn 3/1.


Middlesex were keen to join neighbours Surrey in the final, but went one down in the 5th string match as Steve Jones beat Gordon Kerr 3/0. The ever reliable Alan Thomson levelled the match for Middlesex beating Keith Hinds 3/0, and it was plain sailing for Middlesex after that as they ran out 4/1 winners.


With pride at stake in a War of the Roses battle it was no surprise to see this one go to the wire. With the tie standing at 2/2, the outcome of the 2nd string match between Allen Day (Lancashire) and Keith Hinds (Yorkshire) would decide things. What a match it was as Allen clawed his way back from 2/0 down to take the 3rd 10/9 and the 4th 9/1. Hinds dug deep though, and won the match 9/5 in the 5th and the tie 3/2 to Yorkshire.


More local pride was at stake in a War of the Home Counties Final, and like the play off, it went to the last match. Peter Gunter (Middlesex) and Greg Pearman (Surrey) kicked things off at 1st string with the strength of Gunter taking him to a 3/0 win. Another 3/0, this time to Surrey as Chris Harland beat James Ockwell . There were a few double takes when the 5th strings went on court as Mark Cowley, who had earlier played at 1 for the Over 55s took on Dermot Hurford. This was a tough battle, and at 1/1 it looked as if Cowley might inch ahead as he went 8/6 up in the 3rd, however Hurford came back to 8/8 and took it 10/8 following an injury break by Cowley. Hurford then took the 4th 9/6 to put Surrey 2/1 up in the tie. Surrey seemed to have one hand on the trophy when Marc Aldridge went 2/1 and 5/0 up v Alan Thomson in the 3rd string match, but some tough rallies seemed to take their toll on Aldridge as Thomson battled back and took it 9/5. Deflated both mentally and physically, Aldridge struggled in the 5th and Thomson took it 9/4.

So the final would be decided on the outcome of the 2nd string match. Adrian Jaski showed his class, and played some lovely squash against James Hyatt, and won the match 3/0.

The title went to Middlesex 3/2.

A great weekend of competitive squash, was mirrored at the Saturday evening dinner held at the club, giving the players a chance to relax and socialise together.



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