Spoilt for choice with both enthusiastic and talented players, we were able to pull together an incredibly strong team for the weekend matches. With promotion to Premier League being the incentive, the team only dropped a solitary game in 3 matches.

Dom Lloyd-Walter (Surrey Sports) took time out from her training and pro tour to once again spearhead our team and her dedication to Middlesex County Squash is very much appreciated. The squad also included Stacey Sephton (Ealing), Selina Sinclair (London), Lisa May (Uxbridge), Karen Schultz (Ealing), Eva Feredoes (Cottons) & Jo Brown (Radlers).

Our opponents for the weekend were Avon, Oxfordshire and Sussex and all 3 matches were very one-sided in favour of Middlesex, with 5-0 the result for each.

We enjoyed a few deserved celebratory drinks afterwards and look forward to playing at the Premier level where we'll certainly maximise the similar strength of most of our players,the squad's depth and also hopefully having both Alison Waters & Dom Lloyd-Walter at the forefront to ensure Middlesex are very competitive.



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