At Stage 1 Mddx were hosting and thanks must go the Oakleigh Park for their excellent facilities. Pitted against Warwickshire, Buckinghamshire and Kent, we knew Kent would be tough as they were the defending champions, so although we were confident against Bucks, we had to beat Warks. To earn a top two finish. Unfortunately, we lost Mark Cowley the over 55 British Open Champion due to a family commitment and this proved vital. An early win by Gordon Kerr at 3 was countered by Clark Adam, back from Brussels to play, and Tox who went down at 4 and 5 both 3/1. In spite of a long and contentious win by captain Stuart Hardy ,his opponent was given four conduct warnings!, Duleep Adhihetty went down against a lively Rustom Bativala a former National Champion. So a 3/2 loss. Kent proved too good and won 4/1 with Duleep scoring a good win over Clive London at no. 1 and as predicted we beat Bucks with wins from Duleep, Hardy, Kerr and Adam, with Tom Thompson going down in five.

So with Kent and Warks. On two wins, Mddx. were in the relegation group. Cumbria dropped out leaving a group of three, ourselves, Bucks and Lincolnshire, with only one team to go down. Lincs then were unable to fulfil their commitment leaving Mddx. and Bucks in the Premier division. As we had another England star in James Ockwell qualified for stage two it was an anticlimax. On the bright side, next season, with fair winds and good fortune, we should be able to field four internationals and, if players stay fit and injury free, there is no reason why we cannot take the Inter County title. If players are interested in playing for this team, please contact me.

Stuart Hardy. Tel. 07515758000


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